Interview with Photographer John Ciamillo ” Im just making the work I want to make!”

Photographer John Ciamillo

By Omario Harfouch and Sandy Lowe

all images © john ciamillo

John Ciamillo’s fashion shots are getting noticed , especially the spirit in his images and his great eye for the incredible faces, who make it in front of his lens, let him stand out from the crowd! John continuously keeps his edge on this world’s trends and takes photographs that we believe are nothing short of stunning. We took time to sit down with John, who opened up about art , experience and the beauty of women. Have a look at this crisp “art talk” answered straight from New York City.

Why photography ?

Photography had always been something I was interested in since I was young. As I got older I started learning more about the photographic process and I realized it was the best medium for me to translate what was in my head to an image.

What do women have , that attracts you to shoot them ?

The way they carry themselves, whether they are kind of awkward and shy or confident and strong there’s always something beautiful about the way they move and I want to capture it.

Photographer John Ciamillo

What turns you on / off ?

Girls that aren’t afraid to let loose and be weird are the ones I love to shoot! I hate it if a girl is too worried about looking “perfect” for the camera, it causes her to be stiff and boring.

What were the keymoments that photography changed and influenced your personal life ? Those when you realized that you WANT to do this.

Probably in college when I would spend all my time in the darkroom or digital lab working on photos and prints. There was nothing else I wanted to do besides work on my photos and thats how I still am.

Photographer John Ciamillo

How do you balance your creative and financial ambitions?

I haven’t really had to give up that much of my creative ambitions yet, maybe that won’t be the case in a few years but right now I’m just making the work I want to make.

Do you work with Photoshop ? I see you shoot a lot in black and white, natural looks and simple styling.Your decision not to add any effects or eye-catching make up places the focus 100 % on the model itself. Why is this important ?

I do work with photoshop but mostly just for small retouching i.e. removing blemishes or pimples and burning/dodging to giving the photo the feel I want. I’m not too big on effects but I do add some to tone down the digital look of the photos since I’m a huge fan of film. The focus is on the model because to me she’s the most important thing, she is going to affect how the entire photo is going to feel through her emotions or body position.

Photographer John Ciamillo

Tell a bit about the most amazing never-to-be-forgotten shoot experience!

Well I’ve had a couple of girls that really wowed me and I will always want to work with again because I know they are really amazing. But two shoots really stick out in my mind, the first with Kate King when she first got to NY before the show season. It was an early morning shoot and we ended up only having half the time I thought we would so as soon as she got there it was non-stop for about four looks and she was just on point and ready to go right from the beginning. And the other was fairly recent and kind of the opposite. I was shooting Melody Kandil and we just worked together so well that we ended up shooting for hours and hours. It was very relaxed and slow paced, some of my favorite photos came out of it.

Photographer John Ciamillo

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