Inna Smolina @ Avant models is “really happy to be a member on All About Models member”

by Omario Harfouch & Allegra Alvarez :

Inna Smolina : Model Of The Day

Measurements  177 cm / 81-57-85

Mother agency is Avant Models in Moscow, She’s also with Avant Models in Poland and M Management in Paris ( board of Metropolitan) .

How did you get into modeling ? Were you scouted or did you go to see an agency ?
-I got into modeling by accident. I went to the theater of fashion wich is something like a hobby and my teacher of choreography with my friend invited me to go to the casting of a local modeling agency,
I didn’t want to go at that moment because I wasn’t interested in modeling ( laughing) Then they persuaded me to participate and I agreed. At this time mother agent came to my city to scout new faces and that’s how it all began to me !
What is your favorite or most exiting aspect about being a model ?
- I love to travel. Modelling is a chance to work with interesting people. Being one of the fewest persons who try first the collections of the new seasons before Ha Ha Ha ! I’m kidding ! I really enjoy to be in front of the camera and to be on the catwalk. I want to travel around the world and of course I want to become a
supermodel !
What do you not like about modeling, any aspects of modeling that you would love to change if you could ?
What I don’t like about modelling? I can’t always be with my family and I always miss them … and If I could change something else then I would avoid that all the auditions are held in one place.
How would your friends describe you ?
Friendly, joyful and sincere girl, that’s how my friends would describe me .
How would describe your personal style ?
I like to mix different stuff.I really love feminine style, dresses, as well. But I think one of the most important things when I buy clothes is comfort !

What are your hobbies ?
I love to cook, listening to music and dance ! My favorite music is a German band ATB.
What do you do to stay in Shape ?
I’m always in shape and I’m grateful to heredity !But of course I try to eat healthy and do yoga for the soul.
If you could live anywhere on this awesome planet where would you build your dream home?
I would build my dream home in Europe,in south France, for example. Somewhere where it’s warm and there’s a sea !
What do you think of All About Models ?
- All About Models is really an interesting project and I’m really happy to be a member !

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