Grace Models

Address: Bolshoi Drovyanoi pereulok 20, building 2

109004, Moscow, Russia

Phone: + 7 495 250 52 59


History of the agency:
Grace Models is an internationally reputed Mother Agency, known for its unique approach to business and strong position in the world of Fashion. For many years we are known for having found and introduced talented fashion models placed with the most famous agencies all over the world (France, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, United States, Japan etc.) Our successful development is determined by our unique approach to the guiding of our models, as we start to work with a model from the very beginning, training her according to the highest up-to-date standards of the European and American fashion market, placing her in top-level model agencies in different countries, and closely controlling the development of her career.

We are working exclusively with the models from the territory of the former USSR, as they have a great artistic potential and one can find amazing beauties of any kind on this vast territory. For the Russian models the biggest problem is that they are usually blocked in their country as most of Russian model agencies don’t have a good contact with European and American model agencies, and the girls cannot make any career in modeling as they need to be known world wide.

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