Ginta Lapina by Seth Sabal …

Ginta Lapina Ginta Lapina Ginta Lapina

Ginta Lapina @ Dandy Models (Riga), Women (Paris, Milan & New York)

We would like to introduce you here one of our  favourite models. You probably know her, Ginta Lapina. Ginta is in our eyes one of the most striking faces in the industry. She’s doing all the big runway shows all over the world. And you could see her in a couple of well known editorials and campaigns, right now you can discover Ginta here with some brilliant test pictures, which were done by Seth Sabal. (He’s based in New York City and he has definitely a big talent). You can see the images in the pictures below. And in the pictures above you can discover Ginta’s new polaroids from NYC. Well, Ginta started her career with Dandy Models in Riga and she’s as well with Women Model Management in Milan, New York & Paris. What’s else to tell about Ginta ?