Fifi Newbery

All about Models is glad to introduce you our interview with Fifi Newbery.

She’s an upcoming model.

Signed with: Elite Models in New York City, Major Models in Paris and Models1 in London

About her: We aren’t sure, if you can still remember our post about Fifi Newbery in All about Models. It was around one or two months ago. Well, we’re definitely thinking that Fifi has a strong look and the right personality to do modeling. She’s 178cm tall, and is currently represented by Elite Models in New York City, Major Models in Paris and Models1 in London. All about Models got the chance to do an interview with Fifi. Enjoy it.

How did you get started as a model ?

I got scouted by Models1 from a business card that my friend used me for (he’s a photographer called Oscar May). They asked me to send some pictures through and I haven’t ever looked back !

How would you describe yourself ?

Uhh, probably the hardest question of the lot! I think I would describe myself as driven and someone that knows what I want from my career. I also think people could describe me as a little weird.

What are in your opinion the best and worst things in the modeling world ?

The best are – the amazing people you get to meet and the countries you get to visit, I would probably never have gone to some of the places that my job has taken me. The worst would have to be how battered your feet get. I think models feet are almost on par with ballerinas!

What’s the craziest experience, that you had during one of your jobs ?

Uhh, gosh there have been a lot of crazy experiences but the latest one is, when I was in Paris for fashion week, and bearing in mind that my french is less than poor and that I rely on gesturing and mime to get by, I was at a casting and a girl that was in front of me came out of the room so I went in and a French woman walked up to me with her arms wide and a smile on her face talking in french I didnt have a clue what she was saying and newly accustomed to the french way of life I instantly gave her a really big hug and went to give her a kiss on each cheek only for the woman to start telling me to get out of the room and that she didnt want to see me yet! I was so mortified and cried with laughter with my mum afterwards.

How did you feel when you walked your first fashion show ?

My first show was for a graduate at London School of Fashion. I was just 16 and was so excited and scared at the same time it was so amazing but admittedly once I got off the runway I did feel like I was going to throw up!

Is this rumor true, that designer pay often (during the fashion shows) with clothes instead of money ?

The rumor is true actually, during shows you do get paid in trade a lot which is pretty awesome. But saying that when I was packing to come back from New York I had to leave so much of my old stuff there to make room for the new stuff not that thats a bad thing!

Are there already any future plans for your career ?

Uhh not really plans but ambitions. I would love for my modeling career to take me into acting like it has for so many other models/actresses. I recently got interviewed for a UK Television program called PUSH it’s like british version of the hills. And I have also met various casting directors and producers for large budget films so hopefully this is all the start of something.

Tell us a little more about your hobbys. What are you doing when you’re not working ?

My hobbys include, reading which I do a lot of I find its the best way for me to relax with a cup of tea, cosy clothes and a good book, I also enjoy horse riding growing up by the county side allowed me to have an amazing chance to do this I realise how lucky I am now! And of course acting is on my list of hobby’s!

Is there any certain model that inspire you ?

Coco rocha really inspires me as a model and just a person in general. I have worked with her and had a rare opportunity to have a one to one posing and runway class with her whilst in New York she taught me far more about the modeling and fashion industry than I would have ever learnt on my own she’s with the same agency as me there (Elite Models) and it feels like such an honour to be associated with her in that way! She and my mum are my idols!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years ?

Well, I see myself being a little bit older. Quote from jedward ” No point in not reaching for the stars ”

THANKS for the interview Fifi! We wish you all the best for your future !!!