Exclusive interview – Rebeka Zuborova

All about Models is glad to introduce you our “exclusive” interview with Rebeka Zuborova.

She’s an upcoming model in the business.

Signed with: ANC in Hamburg, Exit in Slovakia, FM in London,  Joy in Milan, Major in New York & Paris.

About her: Rebeka Zuborova comes from Slovakia and she’s a discovery of Exit Models. Rebeka works as well with ANC Models in Germany, FM Models in London, Joy Models in Milan, Major Models in New York & Paris. Rebekka has a silhouette of 183cm and measurements of 85-60-90. Rebeka did her debut at Marc by Marc Jacobs in New York during the spring/summer fashion shows. She walked as well for some more brilliant shows, such as Byblos, Diesel and Les Copains. Well, Rebeka is definitely a great model. All about Models is happy to introduce you our interview with Rebeka.

How did everything started for you ? Was modeling something for you that you always wanted to do ?

I was in a shopping centre with my friend. Then one woman came to me and asked me, if I would like to come to her agency. At first I was like:  “No thank you”, but just in case I took her card. I’ve decided later to go to her agency and it just came. I never dreamed to be a model.

How would you describe yourself ?

Broody ? I don’t know honestly

You’re probably still attending school. Do modeling and school interfere with each other ?

I’m doing both. When I’m home, I do all my exams and then I can travel. Sometimes it’s hard , but I’m very goalseeking.

What are in your opinion the positive and negative sides of the modeling industry ?

Positive is that you aren’t doing every day the same like at home. It’s a nice change from the normal life and you see many INTERESTING countries and places. Negative is that you don’t have so much time for your friends at home.

You did some awesome runway jobs in the spring summer fashion shows, like Marc Jacobs and Diesel. Do you have been nervous before the shows started ?

No, i wasn’t nervous. I was enjoying all the shows !!!

How did you feel when you were doing your first castings for the fashion shows in New York City. Did you compare yourself to other models ?

I had a very good feeling, because I saw that most of the clients liked my height. I’m 183cm and for some designer it’s too much, but in New York they loved it.

What is for you the most important thing that a girl should have to present herself well in castings ?

She should be always smiley and full of energy. She should always say – hello and bye

Is there any thing that you would love to reach in the modeling industry ? If yes, what is it ?

I would love to do Victoria’s Secret. I think it’s a drem of many girls.

Who is your favourite model ?

I don’t have a favourite model, but I like Freja Beha and Natalia Vodianova.

Do you have a beauty secret that you would like to share with our readers ?

I don’t have. The only thing I use is a bit of mascara and a day cream.

Are there any things that you are excited about for the future ?

I’m excited about next season. I hope I get some good shows.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

No idea! The life is deepness.

THANKS for the interview REBEKKA