Katja Borghuis – exclusive interview

All about Models is happy to introduce you our ” exclusive” interview with Katja Borghuis.

She’s a model.

Signed with: CSI (mother agency),  Major in Paris, Models1 in London, Women in Milan & NY and Ulla in Amsterdam.

About her: Katja Borghuis comes from The Netherlands and she is a discovery of CSI Model Management. Katja works as well with Major Models in Paris, Models1 in London, Women Management in Milan & New York and Ulla Models in The Netherlands. Katja has a silhouette of 180cm and measurements of 85-61-89. Katja did her debut at Valentino in the Haute Couture fashion shows in Paris. Since that moment she’s doing many briliant fashion shows, such as Topshop Unique. All about Models got the chance to do an interview with Katja. Enjoy it!

How and when did you get started into modeling ?

I was scouted on the street by Chris Stenton from CSI Model Management and he’s now my manager and found me the agencies, I’m now with. He’s a cool guy and great in his work. I was scouted in July (last somewhere) by him, but I did my first job as a real model during the fall/winter fashion shows in Paris.

You’re probably still attending school. Do modeling and school interfere with each other ?

Well, I finished school, but when I still was in school, like during the fashion week in Paris, my school was ok with it as long as I did all my work and my exams. They found it great for me !!!

How would you describe yourself ?

Uhm, I like to read and to watch TV, but I’m a happy person! And I like to arrange stuff, so everything is perfect when I go.

What’s the most difficult thing for you in the modeling industry ? And what’s the craziest (or) strangest experience that you had during one of your jobs ?

It’s not always fun, if you go to a casting and you come in, give your book, they open it, look at the first picture and then they close it and say thank you – bye bye. And they don’t even let you walk. That feels not always nice, but at the same time you know where you are at. And that’s a nice thing. I haven’t had any weird experience yet.

How did you feel when you have walked your first fashion show ?

I didn’t feel that nervous or anything. It felt great! And at the end everybody is happy except some models, who have to run to their next show.

What was your favourite fashion show that you have done ? And why ?

I have exactly two fashion shows that I really liked. One was Cacharel, because I opened the fall/winter 2010 fashion show. And the people were just really sweet there. My favourite fashion show in this season was Armani, because i liked the people, the hair dressers and the make-up artists. They were nice but still strict in a way, so you knew where you are at.

Is there any model that inspires you ?

Honestly no! Because I dont know the others that good. Well, there’s one. A nice friend of mine – Linde Stoel. She’s always positive. When I talk with her it feels like everything is great. Well, just stay and think positive. If you only think bad – everything will look bad. My mum thinks the same.

Can we expect to see you in the upcoming season at the fashion week ?

If it’s up to me, then yes !!!

What are your goals in modeling ?

I think it’s rather hard to have goals in modeling, because I was never a real fan of any brand. But if I would have goals I would probably say that I would like to do a lot of campaigns for the big brands, like Armani, Cacharel, Alexander McQueen, Valentino… Hehe, but we’ll see.

What advice would you give a new model, which is very fresh in the business ?

Don’t let yourself go crazy about all the people in this business. Have a great time and then everything will just fall together! But that’s still hard for me to do. So, I would just say what my grandma said to me: You don’t have to say a lot, just keep your ears and eyes open.

What would you do if you wouldn’t be a model ?

Right now if I wouldn’t be a model, I would be in school and studying how to run my own company (Gardening Centre like my mom and dad) and so I can have one in the future.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

I have no idea. I hope to be maybe still a model but then a really good one or I would like to start to build my own company.

THANKS for the interview KATJA.