Erika Linder at MIKAS: “My option for Balenciaga is in the end of September”

Erika Linder / All About Models

by Omario Harfouch and Sandy Lowe:

Managed by  Stockholms local power house MIKAS ,Erika Linder does not only possess superb knowledge about the modeling biz itself she is also  in her looks  a  very special girl that  is currently getting off the starting blocks with promising options , international placement as well as first editorial work . Erika :” People describe me to have a very cool look, laid back but also very hard and expressive. I’m not the typical barbie doll modeling face.”  Take a look t the whole interview below and convince yourself that this swede is truly one to watch!
How did you got in touch with your Motheragency MIKAS ?

It all started for me when I was 14 years old. I was scouted at a concert in my hometown Stockholm, Sweden. At that time I wasn’t ready to become a model, to be honest.I didn’t know much about being a model and I was all about football and never thought about getting into modeling. I was such a tomboy. Then, a few years (!) ago, when I was really bored I emailed some photos of me to Mikas and they responded quickly and invited me to their office the same week. Since then I have been doing great.
How would describe your look ?

My look is very androgynous. Lately I’ve been doing photoshoot’s as a guy, almost like Andrej Pejic but the other way around. I did one in Paris for “Candy” Magazine as Leonardo DiCaprio. People describe me to have a very cool look, laid back but also very hard and expressive. I’m not the typical barbie doll modeling face. I have a more grown up look. What you see is what you get basically.

As a model , do you have a passion for fashion ?

I do have more passion for fashion now than I had before. I think it’s fun to experiment with colour and clothes but like I said before, in my personal life I do dress more like a tomboy, but I still like to keep it very classy and fashionable and cool. I do have my own style.

Erika Linder / All About Models

You have recently been featured in Contributor Magazine N°3. Which magazines do you like to read in your free time ?

I am a huge GQ fan. Always have been. I love man fashion magazine’s. Besides- It is so much more than about fashion. It’s a lifestyle magazine.

Can we look forward to seeing more new editorial work of you soon ?

Yes I have done alot of work which hasn’t been published yet. I worked for “Schön” magazine a few months ago , but it hasn’t been published yet. I shot 13 pages for  ”Candy” Magazine as a young Leonardo DiCaprio, which was really fun since I’m a hardcore DiCaprio fan. It would be fun seeing the results of that.

Erika Linder / All About Models

What are your plans for fall /winter , jobwise ?

My plan for fall/winter is that after Stockholm Fashion Week now mid August I am going to Sydney, Australia to sign for Chic Model Management. I will stay there for 6 weeks to built up my portfolio and then the plan is to head over to LA to see if I can sign for NEXT models. My option for Balenciaga is in the end of September so I’m really looking forward to  doing that and hopefully I will get the job.

That would be fantastic! How is your life in sweden and could you imagine to live somewhere else like Paris or NYC ?

My life in Sweden is great. When I’m away working internatonally I miss Sweden but there is one place I want to live and that is Los Angeles. I have been there a couple of times, not for modeling, but for personal visits to see friends. I have alot of friends there and I am planning to go to Los Angeles to sign for a modeling agency and hopefully I can be able to go back and live there in the future.

Erika Linder / All About Models

What was your favorite “model moment” , experience so far ?

My favourite model moment so far in my career has to be when they told me that I am going to Los Angeles this year for modeling or when they told me I am going to Paris for a Balenciaga Fashion Show. It really puts you in a good mood and you feel like something is happening. 

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