Dulcedo Model MGMT

We are pleased to introduce you our interview with Karim Rekik

from Dulcedo Model Management!

About Dulcedo Model Management: With diversified looks that embody the hottest trends, Dulcedo represents a selection of Montreal’s most talented local models and artists. Well established agency, Dulcedo supports young talents in fashion industry and photography by offering opportunities and long term relationships that go beyond industry standards. Its mission is clear; to showcase Montreal talents internationally by making them accessible to the global fashion community and reinforce the city’s heightened reputation as a great fashion metropolis.

How and when did you get started Dulcedo Model Management ?

Dulcedo Model Management was founded in February 2007.

There’re many modeling agencies. What is the difference between Dulcedo Model Management from other modeling agencies ?

We keep founding new faces every day! We have our scouts all over the world, and we place all our models pretty fast to give them the chance and the opportunity to travel and work with the best teams all over the world.

What is the background of Dulcedo Model Management ?

It’s an association between creativity and Hardworkers.

How runs for you a daily work day ?

We get to the office, have a general meeting every morning and then the bookings start.

Who are your top models ? And who are your upcoming new faces at the moment ?

Some of our top models are ChristaHeidi Johansen, Meggie and VeronikaCarols, EduardoGabriel, Jean and Josh who are money makers and incredible models.

For our upcoming new faces, you should keep an eye on Camilla, Catherine,  CharleneFred and Mira / BrandonDaniel, Eryck, IvanMark and Vince !!!

Some of Dulcedo’s upcoming new faces – Camila, Fred & Catherine

How do you manage the career of a new face ?

We try to develop her as much as possible by sending her to casting, test shoots, go sees, then we send her to a walk trainer before getting her out of town and working on the major markets.

What qualities do you look for in a new model ?

Spontaneous, smart, cool and beautiful!!! She just need to be herself and we will see it right away.

It’s probably the dream of each girl to become at one day a successful model. How do you realise this dream ?

By getting her the best team and jobs all over the world.

If you have the chance to send a girl abroad, which is not ready in your eyes. But she got already good feedbacks from clients. Do you will wait to send her abroad or do you will do a risk ?

I will wait, that happened lately with one of our models and I totally refused to send him.

What advice would you give a new model that’s just starting out in the business ?

Be yourself, trust your bookers and Rock it.


THANKS for the interview Karim!