Development diaries – Karina

Karina Petrosyan @ Fashion Group Consulting (International)

When I saw this girl the first time. I wondered who she is. Well, her name is Karina Petrosyan. She an eye-catching girl, such an unique girl we have never seen. Karina has a realy strong and adorable look. From these uncanny brown eyes up to her simply perfect face shape. Karina’s gaze tells even more than thousands words. It’s powerful, fresh and very strong with a touch of cuteness and a touch of uniqueness. With her height of 178 centimeters (83-58-90) and her unique face, You can’t overlook Karina. She’s now 17 years old. Karina was discovered by Fashion Group Consulting . Take a look at her remarkable pictures, she’s definitely a girl with a very big potential. Without any doubt. Karina should be stayed for long time in our minds.