Denisa Kalavska – Eskimo

Denisa Kalavska @ Eskimo (Slovakia)

Already everything became quiet. the streets are empty, the sky is black, well, it’s almost, midnight, at the sky are only 3 bright stars. Somehow it reminds me of Denisa, she stands with her divine look in a group with different faces out. Denisa has this perfect gestures in her facial expressions and in her poses. She knows exactly, how she has to represent herself in front of the camera, it’s amazing and that with her only 14 years. Take a look at Denisa’s single polaroid, these fresh eyes, that symmetrical face shape, she’s impressive. The 176m (78-62-87) tall beauty was discovered by Eskimo Models in the Slowakia. With her rising potential was Denisa already in Milano with Ice Models. She’s a girl that should be stayed in our minds.