About us

All about Models was a blog founded by Samira Shekova in June 2009 with the inspiration to introduce new faces and models from all over world. Samira Shekova started her job with a small blog and developt within one year to a website about the modeling industry , with her partner Omar Harfouch who opened www.allaboutmodels.net  &  www.allaboutmodels.me .
Omar ( Omario) Harfouch  financed and developed both websites with the inspiration to offer the fashion business a place to talk in a social community. Omar Harfouch is a successful business man. He owns some websites, magazines, radio stations,  tv-productions and wrote 3 books.. He organized as well the Elite Model Look in 1998 to 2000. And organized Miss Europe.
Omario Harfouch & Samira Shekova