Casta Models

Casta Models

Address: Nikoloyamskaya street, 28/60

Moscow, Russia

Phone: + 7 495 502 990


History of the agency:

CASTA MODEL MANAGEMENT was created in 2007, but already aspires to the leading role in the russian’s fasion business, using the experience of previous 20 years of modelling. We formed the best managers staff and we’re oriented to the serious model’s work.

CASTA MODEL MANAGEMENT works only with supreme models, providing their facilities in fashion, advertisement and their progress abroad in the world’s best model agencies and directly with famous big clients: fashion houses, famous photographers, “premium” companies and brands.

CASTA MODEL MANAGEMENT will not waste your time in any promo-actions or exhibitions (except any particularized projects connected with fashion and beauty industry) and other not prestigious deals.

CASTA MODEL MANAGEMENT already has some strong business-relationship with many agencies in Paris (CITY, VIVA, IMG, NEXT, FORD, METROPOLITAN, MARILYN), Milan (BEATRICE, BRAVE, WOMEN), New-York (MAJOR), and also in Germany, Spain, England, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries. This direction will help us to reveal the new world stars. By the way, our leader opened about ten world’s famous models, such as Natalya Polevshikova (known as Natasha Poli), Elena Soldatova, Tatyana Brajnik, Ksenia Maksimova.

CASTA MODEL MANAGEMENT is against senseless time spending in night clubs by models. Fashion business is a part of the advertisement process and the models places are on the catwalks and survey stages.

CASTA MODEL MANAGEMENT accepts new models very thoroughly. Here work those, who cannot imagine theire lives wothout the model’s career, without the podium and the stage, who can live in a crazy way: Moscow tonight, Paris, London, New-york in the morning. We’re creating the agency which will be the second home for our models, with a friendly atmosphere, not a star-factory.

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