Can you remember Anna Trosko ?

Anna Trosko @ 2pm Modelmanagement (Denmark)

Do you remember Anna ? Well, if or if not, it’s definitely time for an update, an update about her. Anna has caught in our eyes already some time ago at the development board from 2pm Modelmanagement. We thought it’s a good idea to introduce Anna again here with her brand new polaroids. Anna looks cuter and fresher, than ever, in these snaps. She has a gaze, which you can’t overlook. It’s cute and at the same time soft. Anna comes from Denmark, is 15 years old and has a silhouette of 5′9 (175m. 80-58-85). She left her first marks already on well known editorials. Her presence in front of the camera is simply variously. Anna is a girl, who has a future in the fashion industry. Make sure to keep an eye on Anna.