Brand, Game & Ice Models

We wondered us how the modeling business is working and we have asked some different agencies for their opinions.

Here are our question:

Why come girls, who have a super potential not far in the industry ? (What’s the reason for this, is it the management of the mother agency, or the girls by themselves ?)

And why come girls, who have only an average potential very far in the industry ?

Can we say, that it is only good luck ?

We have talked to Toni from Brand Model Management. He’s currently managing girls such as, Anu Koski, Kirsi Pyrhonen and many more …

It all goes back to good management: people, who know when and where model have to be to get “the momentum”. But what is up to mother agents / managers, is to make sure model is ready to catch the momentum when it comes.

And eventually it always ends up to personality and will of a model: face brings you in, but heart & brains keep you there.

Also, a good bookers sell the model they believe; if they have good relationship with clients, and credibility, they can bring up their own favourites. Like is said in the world of sales: good salesman sells even snow to eskimos.

But with the best faces, you never know if they have personally the will and motivation to get top, and otherwise if they are well managed by mother agent, and supported by family. That’s the key thing.

Then we have asked Alfredo from ICE Models in Milan. He’s currently working with many upcoming models in the industry. Be ready for the fashion shows in S/S 2011.

1) There can be many reasons why a model with a great potential dont get so far in the industry, first of all the model herself needs to understand that there is a big difference btw being a beautiful girl and being a model, then the mother agency needs to see 2 steps ahead and understand which possible evolution the model can have and place the girl with the right agencies around the world. Once the model is in a market (Milan, Paris, London or NYC) the management made by the bookers is very important. You have to be able to wait, and keep the level as high as possible.

2) I don think there is an average beauty potential, beauty is in our minds, reason why models not representing the standard beauty get booked for all the big campaigns.

I dont think we can talk about luck in the model business.

At the end we have asked Sasha from Game Model Management in Paris about his opinion to our questions.

Yes, I think so it’s all about good luck : =)