Blue Girl and Pinko campaign stunner 2009

Anna Rudenko @ Nika Models (Ukraine)
She is quite new in the end of March she started with modeling. Now 4 months later Anna is already a super stunner, she gets one job after the next. She is a “perfect super new face” from Nika Models in the Ukraine, Nika Models represent also our all time fave Masha Tyelna. But back to Anna, she was from April to June in Paris & Milano with WOMEN MANAGEMENT . Very soon she will go again to Paris and Milano already next month in September ! Anna is perfect 18 years old and just booked the Blue Girl and Pinko Campaign in Milano. With her 173 centimeters is Anna a big possion already in modeling, she is confirmed for Japan & Korea. You should have definitely an eye on Anna, it is just the start of a big career. We will have a big eye on Anna.