Exclusive picture by Samira Shekova of Astrid Traung in Paris.

Astrid Traung @ Mikas Models (Sweden), D Management (Milan), FM Models (London), Iconic Management (Berlin) & Marilyn Management (Paris)

You probably already know about Astrid Traung. She’s one of the upcoming faces in the fashion business. We introduced her on All about Models in the last year with some promising first polaroids. It followed some great editorials, runway jobs and a lovely placement for Astrid. Well, Astrid ist currently working with D Management in Milan, FM Models in London, Iconic Management in Berlin, Marilyn Management in Paris and Mikas Models in Sweden. All about Models got the possibility to meet Astrid during the Paris fashion week. She made a really nice impression. You can see our shoot of Astrid in the first picture.

Today we would like to share with you Astrid’s new polaroids from Paris. They’re fantastic in our opinion. You should definitely make sure to keep an eye on Astrid.

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