Anya Yohоji from AAM’s social community


Anya Yohоji @ Metro Models (Ukraine)

We would like to tell you more about Anya. She’s definitely one of the most exceptionally girls that we have seen in the past. She’s from Russia, has a silhouette of 175cm and measurements of 70-57-81.  Anya has in our opinion everything what it takes to do modeling. A face, that you can remember for a while and a look, which is simply unusual. We at All about Models suggest you to keep an eye on Anya’s future.

Well, Anya is a member in All about Models social community. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her. (That’s the direct link to her profile on All about Models – ANYA) You can see as well more pictures of her there. Ps, Anya likes to travel and would like to explore many, many, many countries for the modeling.