Ann Marie Ring

We are glad to introduce you our interview with Ann Marie Ring.

She’s a new face

from Viva Models in Germany.

Ann Marie Ring is in the eyes of All about Models talented. She has potential and great requirements. In addition she has the right look. Ann Marie is now 176cm tall (81-63-87). She’s from Germany. And signed with Berlin’s power house, Viva Models. Make sure to have seen her single images and to have a look on her interview with All about Models!

Ann Marie, how old are you ?


Tell us a little more about you, like how did you get into modeling ?

I always loved fashion. That’s also why I think that modeling is very cool. I went at one day to a modeling agency of a friend of mine and introduced myself there. I was in this modeling agency for one year, but unfortunately there was for me only hair model jobs. So I went to Viva Models. I’ve heard of them many good things.

You are probably still attending school. We were wondered, if your classmates are jealously on you ? Or do they support the modeling ?
My real friends are proud on me and happy for me, but some girls, who don’t know me, talk behind my back. I try to tell them as little as possible. Many people think just the wrong things.

What do you like most in modeling ? And why do you like it most ?
I love to jump into another roles. It is fun to embody something nice.

If you have the choice between to have a campaign for a big brand orĀ  to open a big show, what would you prefer ?

Both would be great. But I would prefer to open a fashion show, because the feeling has to be wonderful, if you have the beat of the music and if there’re all the people, that look at you. But I think in hindsight that you get easier the campaigns, after you walked the shows.

How did you feel when you have walked your first fashion show ?
I was very nervous but I felt really cool !!!

What are your goals and dreams, that you would like to reach in the industry ?
The dream of modeling does not determine my life. Because you have to have much good luck in order to achieve a lot. But a campaign for a perfume by Chanel would be fantastic.

Who is your favourite hero and why ?
I don’t have any favourite models. Because every model is different to the other and interesting. My favorite heroine is Frida Kahlo. As she enjoys her live. She’s confident and proud, despite the many setbacks in her past. And Frida has an unique style.

We have seen some of your last polaroids and were wondered, if you have any beauty secret that you would like to tell our readers ?
Be happy, do gym and sleep a lot.

THANKS for the interview Ann Marie Ring!