Alexa Yudina @ ALmodels : “New York is love”

by Omario Harfouch & Anastasia Kirikova

Model of the Week: Alexa Yudina


Height: 179

Bust: 82

Waist: 59

Hips: 89

Hair: brown

Eyes: green

Mother Agency – Almodels (New York)

Modeling agencies (worldwide):

  • Women – New York
  • Select – London
  • Women – Milan
  • Women – Paris
  • Image – Tokyo


AAM: New York, Paris or Milano ?

Alexa:New York is love;*

AAM: Fashion Shows or Editorials ?


AAM: High heels or flats ?


AAM: American Vogue, French Vogue or Italian Vogue ?

Alexa:American Vogue

AAM: Names of designers you would love to work with.

Alexa:Alexander Wang, Karl Lagerfeld, Riccardo Tisci, Miuccia Prada,Tom Ford, Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs

AAM: What is your favorite drink ?


AAM: What was the last movie you went to see ?

Alexa:“The Dictator”

AAM: If someone write a biography about you, what do you think the title should be ?

Alexa:Be simple!:)

AAM: What kind of people do you dislike ?

Alexa:Boring and annoying

AAM: If you were a type of food, what type of food would you be ?

Alexa:Healthy food

AAM: Your favourite quote?

Alexa:“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.” Helen Keller

AAM: Hello, dear Alexa!!! Tell us..How and when did you started modeling ?

Alexa:It was in small town, the name of that town Murmansk (on the north Russia, close to Norway) 5 years ago:) I previously lived there. Once on the street I was approached a woman, she was manager of a local agency, she liked me and she offered to try to be a model:) We thought a lot about it with parents and eventually they agreed to try it:)

AAM: Do you remember your first casting? Tell me how it was.

Alexa:My first trip was to Italy/Milan and first casting also was in Milan for Prada(fall/winter 2008) show:) I was nervous, my walk wasn’t fine, I spoke so badly in English:) And when casting director has asked me, “How tall are you?” I have answered “15!”, because to me all time have heard “How old are you?”. At that time I had a lot of funny moments. I was so young:) Of course they did not take me on the show, but it was a good experience for me:)

AAM: In which countries do you managed to work? Where you liked most?

Alexa:USA/Italy/France/Great Britian/Japan/Singapore/Germany.

AAM: How would you describe yourself ?

Alexa:Ambitious,friendly, caring.

AAM: What are in your opinion the best things in the modeling world?

Alexa:I love the fashion week:) The shows for models,it’s like the Olympics game for athletes:)

AAM: Please tell us what the last job has left you have the greatest impression?

Alexa:My last job was in New York for H&M video shooting with Lana Del Rey) it was at professional cinema studio) There makes a lot of famous movies, one of them ”The Amazing Spider-Man 3D”) So i met a lot of interesting and talanted people,and i heard in a real life a voiсe of Lana Del Rey and now she is one of my favorite singer!)

AAM: You did many many fashion shows. Are you nervous before the show starts ? Which show you remeber the most?

Alexa:I’m not nervous anymore:) I feel confidence on the runway now) The most rememberable shows are Prada, Rodarte and Givenchy)

AAM: Are there any models that inspire you ?


AAM: What are your favorite sports, how much do you exercise and how do you manage your diet to stay in shape?

Alexa:I was professional chess player. So the chess is my favorite sport:) I like to run in the park and i start to do yoga every day)

AAM: Do you have any beauty secrets hat you would like to share with us ?

Alexa:I tried to drink warm water with lemon every morning.

AAM: Tell us a little more about your hobbies. What are you doing when you’re not working?

Alexa:I like to work. At present it is sense of my life. I like to wake up early, to drink off coffee and to run on affairs. In such days I feel necessary, a part of this world. But days off I too love. In the days off we arrange picnics on the nature with friends, playing volleyball, badminton, we laying on the sun and swiming usually;)

AAM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Alexa:I have no idea about it…Perhaps I will have a big family, a loving husband and obedient children or not…will see:P

AAM: What do you think of All About Models?)

Alexa: The interesting project. Useful to photographers, stylists and certainly for models:)

P.S. I wish a prosperity ALL ABOUT MODELS! Plenty of interesting the interview, exclusive shooting and million attendance:)

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