Albina – Aquarelle

AlbinaAquarelle Models (Russia)

There is a girl, a girl, that is even more, than eye-catching. We don’t say this often, but we are thinking, that Albina is one of these faces, who will have for sure a bright future in the business. We can’t discover any doubts in her. Albina has a face, what you can’t overlook, dark brows, mysterious eyes and a gaze, which is to describe with freshness and uniqueness. Well, she’s from Russia, has an endless silhouette of 5′11 (180m. 82-62-8 8) and her attitude in front of the camera are simply variously. She was discovered by Aquarelle Models. (Aquarelle Models is definitely one of the best agencies in Russia, they have a strong team, and they try to reach the highest success for each of their faces) Well, what’s else to tell ? Make sure to keep an eye on Albina’s career. The doors are opened for the young beauty.