Adeline – Avant-Garde

Adelina Avant-Garde Models (Romania)

New faces are all over the world. From a small village up to a big city. Most of the new faces have only a nice look. But other ones, only a few are unique and eye-catching. Adeline is definitely one of these eye-catching faces. She has a well formed face shape with two mysterious piercing eyes and a gaze, which is somehow like from doll and very unforgettable, from cuteness up to uniqueness. Adeline has many remarkable expressions. The young beauty is 17 years old. She has a height of 174 centimeters (83-60-87). Adeline comes from Romania and was discovered by our Romanian power house, Avant-Garde Models. Avant-Garde Models is one of the leading agencies in Romania with many promising faces. Back to Adeline. She’s definitely a girl that should be stayed in our minds.