Albina Fazylova @ IMG Figaro : Since 2004 i start to travell to Indonesia,then Japan,Korea,France,Taiwan,Malaysia,Belgium,Italy,Spain…

by Dana Clavier & Omario Harfouch:

Model of the Day :  Albina Fazylova
Mother Agency : IMG Figaro
Women agency in Paris.
height : 173

measurements : 83-58-88

1 – What is your favorite word?

2 – What is your least favorite word?

3 – What turns you on, excites, or inspires you creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

-My family

4- What turns you off?

5-What sound or noise do you love?

Marine waves
6-What sound or noise do you hate?

Champing, belch

7-What is your favorite curse word ?

8-What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

To be an actress

9-What profession would you absolutely not like to participate in?

Anything if you seat in the ofice

10-If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

You did everything what in your forces

-Tell us about yourself.

-My original name is Albina.Born 1988 in Uzbekistan,then move to Russia,live there for 9 years,then move back to Uzbekistan….But I’m Russian person.
Doing modelling since 2002,but had my training at Figaro school for 1,5 year where i was shown how to pose in front of the camera, how to do the catwalk and makeup. It was interesting and educating, but the main thing the school gave me a certain base, and in a way, made me ready for modelling.Since 2004 i start to travell.First country was Indonesia,then Japan,Korea,France,Taiwan,Malaysia,Belgium,Italy,Spain.Now working just in Malaysia and direct booking jobs.

-How did you get into modeling? Were you scouted or did you go to see an agency?

-During the physical training lesson in school, i remember how the scout of Figaro came to me and invited me to come to the casting at the agency.

-What is your favorite or most exiting aspect about being a model?

-Travelling,know new people,money;)

-What are your goals as a model?

-To be honest,to make more money…:))))

-What do you not like about modeling, any aspects of modeling that you would love to change if you could?What is the worst thing you have heard about the modelling industry?


-How would your friends describe you?

Honest, kind, responsive, Proud,kind,harmful, generous,merry

-What are your hobbies?


-What’s your favorite music?

Everything what I want to leason for now,but most is Rock musik

-What do you do to stay in Shape?

Just always do something,move more!!!

-What do you think of All About Models?

-Kind of interesting:)

-A quote that you could leave us with?

You have to do everything by your self,if you won’t do it,nobody will do it for you….Be kind with people how there are with you…Always think about your family,don’t forget them…

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