2pm Management

Address: Vaernedamsvej 16

1619, Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone: +45 3376 6262

Fax: +45 3376 6263

Website: www.2pm.dk
History of the agency:
The agency was founded in 1999 by Peter Damgaard and Michelle Jensen, both with more than a decade of experience working in the fashion industry. 2pm has, since day one, been a breeding ground for new talents, representing signature models and highly sought-after celebrities in response to Scandinavian clients demands for an international image.

Since its inception, models and celebrities from 2pm have created some of the most memorable editorial and campaign images of the last decade, spanning international fashion brands through to independent magazines, with 2pm’s services including casting, negotiations and bookings.

2pm has become renowned for our understanding that a booking is not just a booking, but part of a wider strategy, that having an international network is a necessity and that we must adapt to a market that is changing day by day. Working with 2pm is now a stamp of credibility in the international fashion world.

We provide your company with a varied range of specialized services, such as image campaigns, commercials, special appearances, celebrity endorsement, licensing, product placement, exclusivities, casting and counseling – both today and in the fast-moving world of tomorrow.

Well known models, who are signed to 2pm Management:

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